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2020 Election: Nevada Caucus

Updated: Feb 24, 2020


By: Megan Talley

NEVADA - Starting around 3 p.m. EST, residents all over Nevada will gather to vote in this year's Democratic Caucus. Hoping this one doesn't turn in to a disaster like in Iowa, Nevada's Democratic Party is asking their election volunteers to sign agreements to prevent them from saying negative things about the day.

However, unlike Iowa and New Hampshire, Nevada will not be holding a Republican Caucus. In fact, the party voted to cancel it last year. After the vote in September, a GOP member told news outlets, “By canceling it, by opting out of it, it allows us to jump to the, what is gonna be the inevitable conclusion, that President Trump will be getting our delegates at the National Convention in Charlotte.” President Trump did visit Nevada the day before the caucus as a part of his Keep America Great campaign tour. There he predicted a "landslide victory" come November and that Saturday's caucus will be "problematic."

According to the Washington Post, more than 70,000 Nevada residents voted early, many before Wednesday's debate. There are seven candidates vying for the nomination, including former Vice President Joe Biden; Senator Bernie Sanders; former South Bend (IN) Mayor Pete Buttigeig; Senator Elizabeth Warren; Senator Amy Klobuchar; Investor Tom Steyer and Representative Tulsi Gabbard.

Stay tuned to and @sutvnews on Twitter as election results come in.

Correction: Former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not contesting in Nevada

Update 1 (3:13 p.m.):

According to Politico, the first entrance polls show an early lead for Senator Bernie Sanders. The race for second place seems to be between Joe Biden, Pete Buttigeig, and Elizabeth Warren. Stay tuned for results in the coming hours.

Update 2 (5:49 p.m.):

With 7% of precincts reporting, Bernie Sanders is in the lead for the Democratic Caucus with almost 4,400 votes over Joe Biden, who's in second place in the popular vote. They are followed by Buttigeig, Warren, Klobuchar, Steyer and Gabbard in this final round of voting.

Update 3 (6:45 p.m.):

Precincts are starting to report their county delegates.

Update 4 (7:24 p.m.):

Precincts have started delegate counts with 4% reporting. The final round (popular vote) only has about 10% reporting.

Update 5 (8:18 p.m.):

Candidate Bernie Sanders has received 5 pledged Nevada delegates (44.6% of votes) with only 4% of precincts reporting, with CNN projecting Sanders to be the winner. Biden sits in 2nd with 19.5%, Buttigeig in 3rd with 15.6% and Warren in 4th with 11.8%. Sanders' lead in the popular vote is over 3,300 votes above the 2nd place candidate, Joe Biden.

Update 6 (10:02 p.m.):

Candidate Bernie Sanders has added 4 delegates to give him 9, with 11% of precincts reporting. There are 27 delegates still to go.

Update 7 (10:05 a.m. 2/23):

With 50% of precincts reporting, Bernie Sanders has claimed 4 more delegates to give him 13, Joe Biden received 2 delegates, and Pete Buttigeig rounds it out with 1.

Update 8 (7:45 p.m. 2/23):

With 72% of precincts reporting, here's the delegate votes breakdown:

1. Bernie Sanders: 47.55%

2. Joe Biden: 20.8 %

3. Pete Buttigeig: 13.9%

4. Elizabeth Warren: 9.4%

5. Tom Steyer: 4.4%

6. Amy Klobuchar: 3.9%

Final Update (12:25 p.m. 2/24)

With 96% of precincts reporting, here's our final update from the Nevada Caucus:

1. Bernie Sanders: 46.85% (14 Delegates)

2. Joe Biden: 20.4% (4 Delegates)

3. Pete Buttigieg: 13.9% (2 Delegates)

4. Elizabeth Warren: 9.8%

5. Tom Steyer: 4.6%

6. Amy Klobuchar: 4.2%

The next primaries are set for Saturday, February 29th in South Carolina. Stay tuned to and @sutvnews on Twitter for the latest in the 2020 National Election.

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