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Allentown Fire

10/24/2019 BY Brandon Kyc- Early Sunday morning residents in the 700 block of North Fountain street in Allentown were woken up to what they thought was an explosion. Flames were soon seen coming from the houses leading to a mad dash to gather up whatever possessions the residents could carry. One by one the houses caught fire and residents were seen frantically trying to escape while rescue workers arrived on scene. It took firefighters till morning to extinguish the remainder of the flames. Thankfully, everyone managed to get out of their homes with little injuries. But as a result, this mysterious fire left 10 homes completely destroyed, 44 people displaced, and a community in shock. Demolition crews have gone in to level the burned homes, and the process should be finished by the rest of this week. Authorities have ruled out the possibility of a gas leak being the cause of the fire, and investigators are searching the rubble for whatever clues might lead them to an answer.

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