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App Store User Spending Reaches Record High

Photo Courtesy: appleinsider.com


By: Matthew Zemba

According to Apple Insider, iPhone users have increased their App Store spending to about $100 per person in 2019. This 27% increase from 2018 came before the outbreak of coronavirus and self-isolation, and does not include retail purchases like Amazon or Uber.

Photo Courtesy: sensortower.com

What are users buying in the App Store? Premium apps and in-app purchases.

According to Cult of Mac, most of the top performing apps today have paid subscriptions services. This provides frequent revenue for app makers, and avoids in-app purchases. Among the top 100 subscription apps alone, subscriptions made up $3.6 billion of revenue.

In a report from Sensor Tower on Wednesday, spending has grown over 200% since 2015. Over half of that spending came from mobile gaming apps.

It is unknown how the coronavirus will affect these numbers in 2020.

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