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"ASK U" settles the campus debate: Starbucks or Dunkin?

Carson Devitt - SUTV News

Students at Shippensburg University have only two options for getting their caffeine fix: Starbucks and Dunkin'. The best place may differ depending on who you speak to.

It was AskU's goal to find out where students prefer to go and why. Despite the differences between the two, we found a fairly even stance between them.

Both Starbucks and Dunkin offer unique pricing, menus, and rewards programs.

According to students, Starbucks has a higher quality of food than Dunkin' Donuts, even though Starbucks is more expensive than Dunkin' Donuts. In contrast, some students have said Dunkin has better food options than Starbucks, but the coffee tastes worse. Apparently, one student described the Dunkin water as "sugar water."

It is clear that there will never be a clear favorite, but some students simply don't take sides. Whether you need coffee or food, Starbucks and Dunkin' have both options for you.

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