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Bernie Sanders Suspends Presidential Campaign, Clears way to White House for Biden


By: Tyler Dancisin

Just before noon on Wednesday, Democratic President Candidate Bernie Sanders announced that he would be dropping out of the race for the White House. The Senator from Vermont had a very strong couple months leading up to this moment where he left the race.

This moment of him leaving the campaign stage for President leaves an open path for Former Vice President and Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, to get the nomination for President from the Democratic Party.

Sanders had suffered several blows to his campaigns after losing 2 big primary votes earlier in the year. Sanders took to a live stream where he addressed his supporters and campaign staff where he thanked them for all their efforts and dedication. After thanking everyone, Sanders went on to say that he stands next to all his standards and called for a minimum wage of $15 and for all higher education be free so everyone could have access.

At the end of his address to supporters he ensured that he did not make the decision lightly and that there was not clear feasible path to the White House.

Sanders then Congratulated Vice President Biden and that they need to all work together in the one common goal of defeating Donald Trump.

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