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Big Companies Pull out of Big Game Commercials

By: Tyler Dancisin 1/29/21

Photo Courtesy: The New York Times

The NFL championship is one of the most watched programs across the country, making it an incredible marketing opportunity to sell a product.

Some of the most notable companies, however, are choosing to sit out this year’s game to focus the money towards COVID-19 vaccine efforts.

Think that some simple airtime during the big game won’t set you back that much? Think again. 30 seconds of commercial space sets advertisers back $5.5 million.

Many big companies this year are choosing to put its money elsewhere. Some of the big names sitting out are Avocados from Mexico, Ford, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Facebook and Hyundai.

In years past, most ad space would have been sold out by early December, but this year, CBS is reporting that only 80% of ad space has been sold so far.

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