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CDC and FDA taking a small pause on the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Updated: Jan 26

By: Cody Parson 4/17/21

The CDC and FDA are pausing the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine after six reported cases of rare and unusual blood clotting.

Symptoms appeared 6 to 13 days after the vaccination. The 6 cases are out of nearly 7 million doses that have already been given.

Some states have already delayed the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to an unrelated production problem. The same states have also put a pause on the vaccine.

Experts have said overall, the benefits of the vaccination still outweigh COVID's risks. Those who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine within the last 3 weeks may experience some symptoms. Symptoms could be shortness of breath, severe headaches, or leg pain. If you experience these symptoms, you should reach out to your healthcare provider.

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