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Chiefs Fall Short from a Second Straight Ring

By: Nolan Weir 2/12/21

Photo Courtesy: Yahoo

Two of the most highly respected Quarterbacks in the NFL went head-to-head for the championship last Sunday.

Many thought this would be a tough battle between the two, given the immense amount of skill they have between them both. However, this game made it seem like it was one sided almost the whole time.

Tom Brady of the Buccaneers made sure that he secured his seventh ring in the big game in the Buccaneer’s home stadium in Tampa Bay, but that wasn’t going to be a walk in the park going up against highly praised Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs had won the big game’s MVP of the year before, so he was in familiar territory when it came down to the pressure in an event like this.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defense cannot be ignored, however. This was the key to Tampa Bay’s success when trying to win games, especially in the playoffs. They did just that. The Buccaneers defense held Mahomes to just 270 passing yards with 2 interceptions. Not to mention the constant pressure the Buccaneers’ front four consistently brought to Mahomes, not giving him anytime to find his hard to match up receivers down field.

Since Tampa Bay’s defense was doing their part, with just allowing the Chiefs nine points for the whole game, it was up to the offense to execute the win. Tom Brady had only 201 passing yards, but they all involved 3 passing touchdowns which boosted Tampa Bay 21 points alone. Thanks to the brutal running game led by Leonard Fournette, who added a score, as well as Ronald Jones II. With this core offense, the win was a breeze for Tampa Bay making the score 31-9.

Tom Brady was named MVP for the 5th time in his career, and he continues to crush the big game records. This was owner Joel Glazer’s second championship win for his franchise, and he was visually with happiness when he won. However, he made sure to thank the health care workers first before anything; “I got to start by saluting all the healthcare workers out there, you guys are the real MVPs”. 7,500 healthcare workers were selected to go to the big game, with all of the expenses paid by the NFL for their service amongst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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