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Class of 2021 Getting Two Commencement Options

By: Megan Talley 3/12/21

Photo Courtesy: Shippensburg University

SHIPPENSBURG - Shippensburg University made a surprising announcement last week for the class of 2021. Seniors graduating on May 15th will be given the option of either attending graduation in Seth Grove Stadium with limited guests, or a drive-in ceremony with one car per graduate.

This year’s graduates have options to fit everyone’s needs while still following COVID-19 guidelines.

“I’m happy they’re giving us options, they didn’t give the last class that choice, it was this or nothing,” says graduating senior, Caity Kennedy. “They’re not the best, but you’re not going to get the best in the middle of a global pandemic.”

Last August, the class of 2020 had their delayed graduation in the commuter lot outside of the ShipRec. And while seniors are excited at the chance to have some normalcy to end their college experience, many remain undecided or challenged by large or split families.

“We all want to have the traditional ceremony and getting to walk in Seth Grove Stadium, and we have that, but at the same time we can only have two people,” says Morgan Barr. “Big factor for me is I want everyone to be there, which the drive-in option provides, but at the same time I want to walk on the stage in the stadium.”

And after a year of disappointments over the loss of most fall activities and the difficulties of online schoolwork, seniors are unsure how to react.

“This doesn’t make up for everything senior year should’ve meant for the class of 2021,” says Keric Ellis.

“At least I get to end on a good note,” responds Caity Kennedy.

Ashley Wagner decided to go with the drive-in option of graduation, but there are still feelings of doubt that go with it.

“I know I have so many family members that want to see me that I can’t just pick two people to come to the stadium. I’m undecided if I’m satisfied, it’s up in the air. I can’t say if it’s yes or no,” says Wagner.

Seniors have until March 19th to RSVP, and times for all ceremonies will be announced March 31st.


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