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COVID-19 in PA and Shippensburg University

By: Megan Talley 1/30/21

Photo Courtesy: PA Department of Health

PENNSYLVANIA - The state is seeing some hope as cases are starting to decline. January has been the deadliest month nationwide after mass travel and gatherings for the holiday season, going against all and any advice from state governors and health officials.

Even with the good news and vaccine excitement building, Governor Wolf and Acting Health Secretary Alison Beam warns that relaxing any precautions can cause cases to spike again. Both advise wearing masks and social distancing at any point in public. Wolf says that hopefully with the help of the Biden Administration, more people can get the vaccine faster.

As of now, PA is on Phase 1A of the vaccine distribution plan. This includes healthcare workers, people over the age of 65, and those with certain pre-existing conditions.

Here at Shippensburg University, the excitement goes deeper as we now have an official testing center.

The Raider Rapid Results Testing Center (R3) will offer a new saliva PCR test to any student. These tests can be more widely distributed and collected with results delivered in three to eight hours, according to Ship Career Connection.

University Provost, Dr. Tom Ormond, says the test will “allow students to get more enjoyment from their in-person activities.”

SU will still offer rapid testing for symptomatic students at Etter Health Center. More information on R3 is forthcoming.

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