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COVID-19 Vaccine Moves On To Second Round


By: Brady Fisher

A Promising vaccine that is being tested in Seattle is moving on to the second round of shots, signaling progression in the fight to find a vaccine against COVID-19.

The volunteers at Kaiser Permanente’s Vaccine Treatment and Evaluation Unit in Seattle began testing on March 16th. The second round of shots was administered 28 days after the first round. The Doctors at the Vaccine Treatment and Evaluation Unit are hoping that the second round of shots will help the body produce antibodies at a faster rate if it becomes exposed to the virus.

While it is still early in testing, doctors believe that it is a good sign that the vaccine treatment has moved onto the second round. The testing is still in phase I and Doctors won’t begin to study whether the virus can prevent COVID-19 until phase II.

With the progression of the vaccine going well, trials for the vaccine are now also taking place in Atlanta and Bethesda, Maryland. Patients who receive the shots for the vaccine will be followed and studied for thirteen months to see if any of the volunteers develop side effects.

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