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Disneyland Reopening Web Story

By: Alexandra Smith 3/10/21

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After a year of being closed, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek, announced this past Tuesday that Disneyland California and Disney California Adventure hope to reopen by late April.

The parks have been shut down since March 14, 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic began and due to California restrictions have been unable to reopen until Orange County, where the parks are located, is no longer in the highest level lockdown. Numbers of coronavirus cases have been decreasing in the county making Disney hopeful for an April reopen.

When Disneyland does reopen, it will follow state guidelines requiring masks, limited capacity, and reserved tickets for entry into the park.

Disneyland California has only ever had three other instances where the park closed. One being November 23, 1963 after the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. The second being January 17, 1994 after a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Los Angeles. And the third being September 11, 2001 after the attack on the World Trade Center.

Disney World in Florida has been open since July 11, 2020 with limited capacity, ticket reservations required, enhanced cleaning, and mask requirements and Disneyland California hopes to follow soon.

Downtown Disney in California has been open since July 9, 2020 allowing guests to shop and visit restaurants while following state guidelines.

An exact reopen date has not yet been announced but is expected to come out in the following weeks.

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