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English Veteran Celebrates Milestone Birthday

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By: Bailey Cassada

An English Veteran celebrates his 100th birthday in a very special way. 

BBC reports that Captain Tom Moore walked around his garden 100 times, with a goal to raise £1,000 British Pounds ($1,243.50 US Dollars) for the National Health Service. He has surpassed that goal, raising nearly £33 Million British Pounds (~$41 Million US Dollars).

Thousands have sent him birthday wishes including the Queen and British Prime Minister. He also had a special Royal Air Force flypast for his special day. Moore was awarded the Gold Blue Peter’s Badge, which is the highest honor, and received a promotion to honorary colonel. 

He has broken two Guinness World Records for raising the most money in an individual charity walk, and for being the oldest person to reach number one of the UK charts. Moore even sang a duet of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with singer Michael Ball.

Tom Moore continues to bring hope and joy to people saying, “Please always remember, tomorrow will be a good day.”

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