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Get Ready For Spring Scheduling!


By: Marissa Wright

SHIPPENSBURG - The time has come to prepare for scheduling your Spring 2021 semester. While it may seem stressful, we have some simple steps.

First, you will need to obtain your registration time tickets. You will do this by logging into your MyShip portal and clicking on Student and then My Academics.

Then you will meet with your advisor either through Zoom or in person. They will then give you a pin to log on to your MyShip portal for scheduling your classes when it is time. You can also talk to your advisor about what classes you need as a requirement for the semester.

To search and find classes for the next semester, you will log in to your MyShip portal, click Student at the top left corner and then click My Academics. Then you will look to the right and hit Browse Classes. This is where you will be able to find all of the classes that are available for the spring semester.

When officially registering for classes, you can type in the class category or the class CRN. This makes it easier to see the length and time period of each class and organize it into your class schedule.

When scheduling your classes, make sure to check your MyShip portal account for any holds in financial aid and registration. This will prevent you from being able to pick classes for the spring semester. Get in contact with Student Accounts if you see holds within your account on your myship portal.

The Director of the Multicultural Student Affairs Office, Ms. Di, gives tips and ticks for upcoming registration week.

“My advice is that you do not wait until your scheduled time to begin to lay out courses and figure out what you want to take. And most of all, talk to your advisors. Do the work. Get ready. Be prepared. And it will cut down on your frustration.”

Make sure to check your Outlook emails daily for upcoming information on spring semester scheduling!

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