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Giant Invasive Hornets Discovered for the first time in the U.S.

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By: Angel Bennett-Money

Just when we thought this year could not get any worse, invasive Asian hornets have appeared in Washington state, instilling fear in many Americans.

The species, nicknamed “Murder Hornets,” are over two inches long with a stinger that could kill humans if stung numerous times. Its sting also has the potential to penetrate a standard beekeeper’s suit.

Various beekeepers have disclosed that there have been large amounts of dead bees with their heads ripped off in their possession. In a country with a pre-conditioned decline of the bee population, this is an alarming situation.

It has been reported that they attack the honeybee hives, killing all adult bees while feasting on the bee’s larvae. They are most destructive during the late summer as it transitions to the fall.

It is unknown how these Asian native hornets came to the United States, although there has been speculation of them being transported during international shipment.

If spotted, please do not attempt to kill them. Retreat and report it to the state department of agriculture. It is essential to report all sightings of the giant hornets if there is any hope of eradication.

For more information of the advancement of this invasive species, visit and will keep updating as this story develops.

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