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Graffiti Highway, A Popular Tourist Attraction, To Be Permanently Removed


By: Carmine Scicchitano

CENTRALIA, Columbia County – Graffiti Highway, a well-known section of Pennsylvania Route 61, is set to be buried be the end of the week.

Located an hour northeast of Hershey, Graffiti Highway attracts visitors from all over. In the past week, despite being under a mandatory stay-at-home order due to COVID-19, hundreds of people from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland have all visited the deserted highway.

The owner of the land Pagnotti Enterprises hired the Fox Coal Company, based in nearby Mount Carmel, to cover the three-quarter mile section of highway with backfill.

An underground mine fire has caused the ground to become unstable in areas, causing the section of highway was closed in 1993.

While Graffiti Highway has existed for some time, an increase in illegal activity has led to the highway finally being buried. Bonfires, ATV accidents, trespassing, vandalism of a nearby cemetery, and hundreds gathering during a stay at home order, have all led to the decision.

While crowds are kept to a minimum while crews work, it does not stop many from graffitiing the highway after they leave.

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