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Icon Cicely Tyson Dies At 96

By: Megan Talley 2/6/21

Photo Courtesy: Variety

Actress and icon Cicely Tyson passed away last week at the age of 96. The family did not name a cause for her death.

With a career spanning decades, Cicely Tyson was known for her ability to break barriers as a black actress both on screen and stage.

Growing up in Harlem, Tyson was first discovered by a fashion editor at Ebony Magazine, then went on to be the first black actress to star in a TV drama in 1963.

Tyson then made way to the silver screen to earn an Oscar nomination in 1972. As she grew to be a household name, she made a promise to only accept roles that showed black women in a realistic and human way.

Her career expanded as she earned three Emmys, one Tony, and an honorary Oscar in 2018. And in 2016, she was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama.

Tyson will be remembered for her groundbreaking performances and her kind and loving spirit.

The Tyson family will hold a public funeral in New York City on February 15th.

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