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Kodak Black Shot in Los Angeles

Image By: Jason Mendez and Getty Images

By: Michael Donegan


American rap artist, Kodak Black, was shot last Saturday at an afterparty following a Justin Bieber concert.

The incident happened outside of The Nice Guy, a Los Angeles Restaurant, around three a.m. in the morning. A fight reportedly broke out between various individuals before the gunman opened fire. Three other men were shot along with Black.

Black’s lawyer, Brad Cohen, has stated that the attack was unprovoked and targeted an individual Black was with. The rapper was shot in the leg while trying to help said individual.

Black, real name Bill Kapri, was released from the hospital on Monday and was seen using a walker. Thankfully, everyone involved is in stable condition and Black is expected to make a full recovery.

Despite the incident being caught on tape, the suspect has not been identified and remains at large.

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