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Michigan Governor Kidnapping Plot Foiled

Photo Courtesy: Michigan Office of the Governor


By: Brandon Caudill

Six men were charged in federal court with conspiring to kidnap Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer before the Presidential Election on November 3rd.

Seven other men linked to a paramilitary group called the “Wolverine Watchmen” were also charged in state court for allegedly seeking a “civil war” by storming the Michigan State Capitol.

According to authorities, the group had been planning this kidnapping for months, and neighbors have reportedly seen rehearsals occur on the property owned by the group’s leaders. Some would hear automatic gunfire and see people dressed in fatigues walking around the property.

FBI surveillance on the two groups occurred in August and continued through September before they carried out the raid on the group on October 7th.

The seven men charged in state court could face a 20-year sentence if convicted, while the six charged in federal court could see life in prison if they are convicted.

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