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MLB Hopeful to Start in May

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By: Ryan Sandy

The MLB is working closely with their players and staff to start their season in May, according to ESPN. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MLB season was delayed from its original start date in March of 2020. The MLB is working with health officials to allow them to play in a safe environment and get their season underway.

One of the current plans would allow all 30 teams to play in a confined area in Phoenix. The teams would use the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium and the nearby spring training fields. The games would be played with no fans to ensure the safety of players and public.

Major League Baseball officials released a statement saying, “MLB has been actively considering numerous plans that would allow play to commerce once the public health situation has improved that it is safe to do so.” The MLB has not talked this over with any form of government as they are attempting to plan out what they could do to play but keep the social distancing laws in play.

The MLB would be the first sport to be back in action after all major sports were canceled or postponed on March 12th. Safety is the number one priority for baseball right now, but they want to get their players back on the field. The other important key in all of this is to help their staff, coaches, and umpires to ensure their health is not at risk.

The MLB will continue working on their plans and discussing terms with public health officials to make sure all rules are followed safely, so baseball could be back sooner than we know.

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