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11/25/2019 by Brady Fisher - Every year, over nine thousand men are diagnosed with Testicular Cancer and one group is trying to spread awareness for this disease. The Movember foundation is a non-profit organization that raises awareness for Testicular cancer, Prostate cancer, and suicide prevention. The Foundation was started by two men, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, in Melbourne, Australia.

This foundation spreads its message by asking men to grow mustaches for the entire month of November. The Movember Foundation has grown enormously over the years. In 2003, when they started, they had thirty members. Today, they have over five million members including Shippensburg English Professor Darrell Lagace.

Lagace, a two time Testicular Cancer survivor himself, has been participating every year since 2012 and has grown a variety of mustaches from the pencil mustache to the fu manchu mustache. Lagace has raised over six hundred dollars just this year and has raised over five thousand dollars since 2012. If you would you like to donate to the Movember Foundation you can do so at under the donate tab.

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