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Mysterious vandalism written on campus; Shippensburg University Police still investigating

By: Jeremy Perna 4-19-2024

SHIPPENSBURG—Last Wednesday, mysterious lettering was found on several Shippensburg Campus buildings, including the Dauphin Humanities Center, Memorial Auditorium, and Shippen Hall. The unusual lettering consisted of the letters “EQV,” and students and campus officials are trying to find out its meaning and why it was written.

“SUPD became aware of some vandalism that occurred pretty widely across campus,” Director of Marketing and Communications Director Megan Silverstrim said. “They're (SUPD) doing their work, and we just ask that anybody with information or if anybody saw anything to come forward and let SUPD know.”

With wide concern of the mysterious subliminal messages, several students expressed their thoughts on the idea of the vandalism that took place last week and the wake up call that it brought to campus.

A student said, “I do think it’s a tad bit concerning; just vandalism on campus.” He later stated, “The biggest concern to me is that I don’t really know what it means.”

Despite the concern and unusualness of last week's incident, cleanup crews were able to clear the lettering off the buildings, but it took countless work hours to do so. Fortunately, the lettering was written in chalk, which can be washed off fairly easily.

Silverstrim said that anyone with further information on last Wednesday’s incident should call or report it to the Shippensburg University Police Station.

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