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Pancreatic Awarenesses Month

11/14/2019 By Andrew Heibeck- November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, and around the globe people are showing their support. Organizations like the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network or PANCAN help organize events to spread awareness and help those who are currently battling pancreatic cancer. The awareness for this disease is in part due to its mortality rate; it only has a 9% first-year survival rate once a person is diagnosed.

Other organizations have joined the fight too. The Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research is also urging people to become more educated about the disease and its early onset symptoms. The foundation offers helpful guides on their website which include a breakdown of the pancreas, what the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer look like, steps patients can take, and a support network for both patients and their family members. The Hirshberg Foundation also provides grants and funding for research into how to battle and cure pancreatic cancer.

For those interested in becoming involved, PANCAN offers useful search tools on their website to help users find events in their area. The Hirshberg Foundation also offers users a way to join the fight, by donating to the foundation and their pursuit of research. The URL’s for these sites can be found below.

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