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“Peacemaker” gives the DC Universe a needed jolt of life.

Updated: May 24

By: Adam Beam


Last year’s “The Suicide Squad” not only stood as one of the best DC films in recent memory, but one of the best comic book films of all time. From the star studded cast, great soundtrack, hilarious writing and taking full advantage of its R-rating, it stands as one of the most unique to come from the genre. One of the standout characters introduced in the film was John Cena’s Peacemaker. Now Cena and director James Gunn have reunited to continue his bloody adventures in a new ongoing series for HBO Max.

The series picks up right where we last saw Peacemaker, recovering in a hospital from the events of “The Suicide Squad”. However, he’s quickly roped back in when a team of Amanda Waller’s lackeys force him to help take down a mysterious government project called Project: Butterfly. Along for the journey is Peacemaker’s equally violent and costumed friend Vigilante played by Freddie Stroma. As the team continues onward with their mission we also follow two police detectives played by Annie Chang and Lochlyn Monroe, as well as Peacemaker’s deadbeat father played by Robert Patrick.

Similar to its film counterpart, this series (at least the current five episodes available) is hilarious. The comedy throughout is top-notch. From clever running gags, the witty banter amongst the characters and of course the raunchier shock humor, every joke here lands. This is helped by the electric cast on display. Cena shined in “The Suicide Squad”, here however, he’s truly allowed to flex as the character (both physically and emotionally).

The team consisting of Jennifer Holland, Danielle Brooks, Steve Agee and Chukwudi Iwuji really work well off one another and Cena. Some of the funniest scenes so far have been when the characters are simply sitting around arguing amongst themselves. However, the standout performer here is Freddie Stroma as Vigilante. Every scene he finds himself in, he absolutely steals the show. Don’t be fooled however, the show does know when to get serious, and those moments are also quite effective.

On top of being hilarious, the action here is pretty spectacular as well. Just like the film, this series uses its R-rating. I mean this series does not hold back. These first five episodes alone are filled to the brim with swearing, nudity and plenty (and I do mean plenty) of blood.

Overall, “Peacemaker” is setting itself up to be one of the best new shows of the year, as well as being a must watch for any DC fan. Working as a perfect companion piece to “The Suicide Squad”, James Gunn continues to bring out the insanity of DC Comics, exploring the stranger side of their world, and because of this, “Peacemaker” is top notch entertainment.

“Peacemaker” is currently streaming on HBO Max, and new episodes premiere every Thursday.

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