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Professors Team Up for New Podcast

By: Megan Talley 2/20/21

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SHIPPENSBURG – Two Shippensburg University professors are teaming up to take on the hottest topics on a new podcast, “Utterly Moderate”. Hosted by Dr. Alison Dagnes and Dr. Lawrence Eppard, the podcast aims to bring people together again and promote bipartisanship, in what they say is “the opposite of cable news.”

“It’s something I believed in, for my entire adult life,” says Dagnes, “And now we think it’s reaching a real fever point. This is our way to say we can talk about things in a reasonable way and not scream at each other. If we can model that, then maybe more people will do this.”

With a sharp divide in our country’s political system, Dagnes and Eppard want to bring both parties together. Twice a month, the professors use their research and expertise, in Political Science and Sociology respectively, to bring unbiased conversations on issues such as healthcare, climate change, social justice and cancel culture, and more. Both want to use this to heal households, especially after five years of division.

“If you get rid of the loud ‘yelly’ stuff, then people can have reasoned discussions and be able to solve something,” says Dagnes.

“We want to get the poison out of the system,” Eppard echoed, “We’re going to go where the data’s telling us to go. This is a major problem, I don’t know how to fix it, but you can’t say we aren’t trying to help.”

You can listen to the first four episodes of “Utterly Moderate” wherever you get your podcasts, and you can get more information and resources from

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