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Shippensburg’s Annual Children’s Fair Returns to Campus

By: Megan Talley 4/8/21

Photo Courtesy: Shippensburg University (2019)

SHIPPENSBURG - SU’s annual Children’s Fair is back!

After last year’s disappointing cancellation due to the COVID-19 shutdown, the Office of Community Engagement is excited to welcome children and their families back to campus this Saturday, April 10th. The 39th annual fair will still consist of crafts and games as in the past, but will also follow current CDC and University guidelines.

Alexandria Karlheim, Director of the First Year Experience and Community Engagement, couldn’t hold in her excitement to be giving back to these families during these hard times. She’s also proud to bring back this campus tradition in a new and safe way.

“The university comes together to open up one of our facilities and bring a family-fun day to campus,” says Karlheim.

While in the past the event took place in Heiges Field House, Community Engagement will utilize more outdoor space and better ventilation features at the ShipRec this year. Another new activity this year is a special adventure around campus called Big Red’s Voyage.

“It’ll be a quest around campus, where volunteers and families will be able to navigate campus and look out for some clues and solve word riddles. And weather depending, student volunteers will also chalk all over campus. Imaging walking through campus and seeing that to take you back to your own childhood. Whatever we can do outside is our plan.”

Along with those outdoor games, Karlheim said the event will also team up with the SU Farm to do some planting.

Karlheim also mentioned how excited families are to come back for this event with their kids and have some sense of normalcy back.

“Last year was the first year it did not occur. All night I was reading comments from families of how grateful they were that it's happening again. This event, more than anything this year, is just so meaningful because it gives the families an opportunity to do things they couldn’t do in the past, and get them out of the house. It means so much to the university. I think it’ll be a really fun day.”

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