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Shippensburg University Moves Up 12 Spots from 2019 in Best College Ranking


By: Brianna Webb

SHIPPENSBURG - Announced this week, Shippensburg University makes their mark in US News & World Report's "Best Colleges" Rankings in 2020.

Shippensburg increases from 100th to 88th place on the "Best Colleges" list in the Regional area of Universities in the North. Shippensburg also increases from 27th to 25th place for being one of the top public schools in the Northern area.

Shippensburg is being recognized for an increase in enrollment as well as their wide range of awards presented to the university over the past few years.

Shippensburg University is known for its many undergraduate programs to prepare students for future careers with class based hands-on experiences and endless internship possibilities. Ship’s graduate programs allow students to dive deeper into their career field while earning their Master's degrees.

Shippensburg’s President, Laurie Carter, expresses her outlook on Shippensburg’s educational program as she states, “although rankings do not fully capture the educational experience, this demonstrated growth and distinguished recognition is a great source of pride and affirms our commitment to excellence, equity, and access as a public institution in south-central Pennsylvania.”

Shippensburg has a 17 to one ratio of student to instructor interaction which leads to better learning for students. With smaller classrooms, more hands-on interaction, and hourly tutoring sessions, students are guaranteed to receive educational help when needed.

The future of Shippensburg University can be seen to have exceptional uprisings in the upcoming years. We all look forward to experiencing what Ship will accomplish.

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