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Shippensburg University’s Communication / Journalism Dept. is Ready to Spring Into Next Semester


By: Brianna Webb

Here at Shippensburg University, our Communication/Journalism Department has all the classes you need to fulfill your creative style this upcoming spring semester!

From Digital Storytelling to Sports Journalism, the department will be offering a total of 23 classes for the Spring 2021 semester. Classes like Introduction to Mass Communication, Feature Writing, and Basic Digital Photography are just a few that will be present.

Some classes include hands-on experience with camera equipment, editing resources, and working closely with student run organizations. such as Shippensburg University's television station, SUTV and the university's radio station, WSYC.

A professor here at the university, Dr. Heim, lists the classes he will be teaching in the upcoming semester.

“I am teaching four courses during the spring semester. One course I am teaching is the editing course which is part of the print and online media sequence. Another course that I am teaching is Promotional Publication Design. That course is part of the PR sequence. A third course I am teaching is actually a graduate course and it is Applied Mass Communication Research. The final course I am teaching is a selected topics course called Social Media Strategy.”

Professor Witmer also describes the type and style classes she will be teaching at Ship in the Spring.

“In Spring 2021 I will be teaching two courses. I will be teaching COM 111 which is Introduction to Mass Communication. That is one of the first courses that you take as a COM major or minor. It’s one of our very important gateway courses. And the second course I'm teaching is COM 425 which is Speech Writing. And that one has more magazine style writing. We don't have a lot of courses in the major that focus on that style of writing.”

To search for more classes in this field, go to your MyShip Portal and click Academics. Then, on the right, click Browse Classes. This will bring up a window to fill in the semester you would like to view upcoming classes for. From there, you will also fill in the subject, class number, and other identifiers to help better your search.

Don’t be afraid to ask your advisor about any classes you find interesting. You can also email the professor that will be teaching the class for further information.

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