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Shippensburg University Sponsors First Diversity Week

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By: Megan Talley

SHIPPENSBURG - For the first time, Shippensburg University will be sponsoring the first ever Diversity Week. Taking place both on campus and over Zoom, students and faculty will come together to better understand each other in a variety of topics from October 12th-17th.

Each event during the week is being facilitated by SU Faculty as well as outside experts in racial diversity and disability awareness. Each day will focus on different issues/topics, with each having two panels of speaking and active discussion. Monday will focus on gender and LGBTQ diversity, Tuesday is about race, Wednesday will be a discussion on disabilities, Thursday is politics and religion, Friday is ethic diversity, and Saturday and Sunday will be a celebration with the Student Government Association.

Dr. Alison Dagnes, the political facilitator for the event, wants to use her speed dating event to give students the ability to be friends with each other no matter their political feelings. She hopes her event, and the week as a whole, can create better understanding and bring more acceptance from on campus to students’ communities.

All information, including locations and Zoom links, can be accessed on and click on the Diversity Week tab.

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