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SU Begins New Turf Replacements on Two Sports Fields

Photo Courtesy: Bill Smith, Shippensburg University

By: Mackenzie Mitchell

SHIPPENSBURG- Shippensburg University began tearing up both the Seth Grove Stadium and David See Field turfs this past week. It has been over ten years of wear and tear as the original turf was installed in 2010. The artificial turf surfaces will be replaced with new Astroturf surfaces as well as minor repairs regarding drainage work.

Seth Grove Stadium is home to the football and the track and field teams and David See Field, as a part of the Robb Sports Complex, is home to the field hockey, lacrosse and soccer teams as well as the intramural and club sports.

The new installation of turf is in an effort to benefit the Ship student athletes play and to allow them to be on a safe surface to prevent injuries from occurring. Harry Kershaw, a junior midfielder for the men’s soccer team, is excited for this transition.

“I’m happy the new turf has finally been put into action for us to play on. I felt that the old turf was starting to come to its last legs and that our ability on the field was hindered because of it. Now that we have a new turf coming, we can show our qualities during the season,” explained Kershaw.

Ship student athletes hope to play on their new surfaces for their potential spring seasons. For more updates and photos check out

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