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SU Helping Students with Online Readiness

By: Megan Talley 1/31/21

Photo Courtesy: D2L

SHIPPENSBURG - Starting on February 4th, students will be having classes online only through Monday, February 22nd.

While online learning is not new with the COVID-19 pandemic lasting almost a year already, students still face stress and struggles when it comes to the format. Most students’ issues are with lack of motivation, lower attention spans, anxiety, and distractions from world events and technology.

SU is offering a free class on D2L designed to help students still struggling with the adjustment. Online Student Readiness is a course with modules in subjects in technology needs, how to use campus resources, and even tips for managing your time and finding focus. SU officials posted videos in each module to give students some sort of a guide in a troubling time. Students can also take a quiz at the end to master the material, and it has an unlimited amount of tries.

To start, log onto D2L, click the waffle icon, and click Online Student Readiness. The course is available for an unlimited time.

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