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Thanksgiving Travels May Cause an Increase in COVID-19 Cases

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By: Brandon Caudill

Looks like you will have to reschedule your plans for turkey and stuffing with family this year. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving.

The recommendation comes, as coronavirus cases rise steadily in the latter half of 2020. The CDC says that traveling could spread the virus across the country and could lead to a rise in cases. There is an estimated 2.4 million Americans will travel by air and 48 million will travel by vehicle to celebrate the holiday season.

This could cause the United States to enter a second lockdown like the one Americans saw earlier this year.

For those who still plan to travel this Thanksgiving, the CDC urges people to follow COVID-19 protocols. Americans are urged to do their best to avoid using airlines as it is harder to social distance. If you plan on using a taxi service or rideshare, avoid using cars with unmasked drivers or passengers. The CDC also recommends not traveling in a car with someone that you do not live with.

Americans are still required to wear a mask, wash their hands and to social distance during these festive times.

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