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The Residence Hall Association Presents The Haunted Cumberland Valley Rail Trail


By: Brianna Webb

It’s Spooky Season! That means trick-or-treat festivities, candy filled baskets, horror movies, costumes, and most importantly, haunted attractions!

Every year Shippensburg University creates a scary heart racing event for the spooky Halloween month! Many include haunted houses, hallways, and outside attractions. Last year a haunted house was held at Wright Hall. Two years ago, a scary haunted circus walk through attraction was held at McLean.

Tonight (10/23), the Residence Hall Association will be hosting a Haunted Rail Trail event! It will be held on the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail and will start under the bridge to the Spiritual Center. The event will last from 10 p.m. to midnight. Groups will be limited to four people per tour.

Make sure to bring your Shippensburg University ID with you to be able to get into the event. Disposable or cloth masks must also be worn at all times for protection from COVID-19 during the event. Masks from costumes, bandanas, and Gaiter style masks will not be permitted. If you need a disposable mask, please visit the front desk of the CUB and many other academic buildings to receive one. Temperatures will be taken at the event before proceeding through the rail trail.

Grab your friends, take deep breaths and join us as we take a trip through a creepy, terrifying, and scream inducing horror path!

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