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Trout Season Surprises With Early Opening


By: Tyler Dancisin

With the start of April, outdoors lovers, count down the days to the opening of trout season here in the state of Pennsylvania. This year’s official open to trout season was set place to open on April 18th at 8:00 AM.

In an unexpected move by the Fish and Boat commission here in PA, they released a statement this morning on Twitter saying, “PENNSYLVANIA TROUT SEASON NOW OPEN…effective 8:00 AM on Tuesday April 7th, 2020.” This sudden action was in action with the governor of PA, Tom Wolf, and the PA Department of Health.

This measure will allow all licenses, anglers and youth, to begin fishing and harvesting trout. All regulations, sizes limits and creel limits still apply. While anglers are out on the water, they should still practice the essentials of social distancing and wear a face mask if they can. The PA department of health is also suggestions to stay home if you don’t feel well, avoid crowded fishing spots, do not share personal fishing gear and to not carpool to your favorite spot.

Trout season will remain open until the 7th of September. Size requirements for trout are at a minimum of 7 inches long and have no more than 5 different species per day from streams, lakes and ponds.

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