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Upcoming Spider-Man Film Gets its Title: “No Way Home”

By: Cullen Maes 3/6/21

The third Spider-Man film to star Tom Holland as the web-slinging hero finally has its title. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios released a video announcing the title last Wednesday morning.

The film’s title will be Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The announcement came after three of the film’s stars had some fun messing with Marvel fans on Instagram, with each of them posting what turned out to be fake titles. Tom Holland posted the title Spider-Man: Phone Home, Jacob Batalon posted Spider-Man: Home Wrecker, and Zendaya posted Spider-Man: Home Slice.

Each post was also accompanied by a different screenshot from the film, giving fans their first look of what to expect from Spider-Man’s next movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The film is currently set for release on December 17th.

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