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US Congressman Ron Wright Dies After Testing Positive for COVID-19

By: Brandon Caudill 2/13/21

Photo Courtesy: NBC Montana

Republican Congressman Ron Wright has passed away. The 67-year-old Texas Representative was hospitalized for two weeks battling COVID-19 after testing positive on January 21st. Wright described his symptoms as minor and was vowing to work from home.

According to the family, Wright had “passed away peacefully.” In 2018, Wright was diagnosed with lung cancer and was previously hospitalized in September of 2020 due to his cancer treatment complications.

A special election will be held sometime in 2021 to decide who will become the new representative for the district that Wright served. It is unclear when the election will occur, but it is looking like it will happen within the year.

Wright leaves behind a legacy of public service to Texas and the United States of America as well. He is survived by his wife Susan, three children, and nine grandchildren.

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