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Venom: Let There Be Carnage trailer released

By: Cody Parson 5/12/21

Photo Courtesy: Marvel Fandom

Sony and Columbia Pictures released the first trailer for their new Venom movie. The first trailer came out May 10, 2021, and became the number two video on YouTube. The new movie is called, "Venom: Let There Be Carnage". We see what the bases of the storyline will be, including a look at the main antagonist himself.

The beginning of the trailer follows up with what appears to be Venom wanting to be helpful, and prevent his partner, Eddie, from struggling with the double life. So, it appears that Venom is trying to not be a problem but is still seeming to get in the way of Eddie’s life. Eddie having the struggle of dealing with the helpfulness from Venom, we see that Cletus Kasady, the main antagonist, is being created into Carnage to cause chaos in their hometown.

With future trailers, we will most likely see more footage as we get closer to the release date. A release date is still yet to be seen. As of now, we know that it will be coming out this year, with rumors of it being in September.

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