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Wendy's Sponsoring Hugs For Nugs This Friday

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By: Megan Talley

A fast food restaurant is giving away nugs instead of hugs.

Wendy's announced on Twitter earlier this week that on April 24th, all customers are eligible to receive a 4-piece regular or spicy chicken nuggets pack at any drive thru for absolutely no cost. Their tweet sent out Monday says the company has been inspired by all of the nice things done by others in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, and they want to do the same.

Wendy's joins McDonald's and Burger King in giving away food, but this is the first that any and all customers are eligible for the giveaway. McDonald's is only giving away food for health care workers, and Burger King is only giving away free kids meals for those in need.

The Big Group Nug is happening all day on Friday at all locations. It is unknown whether it'll happen again in the future.

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