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What Are SU Students Up To During Quarantine?


By: DJ Fuhrman

With all of the United States in quarantine, there are many things that professionals are recommending people do to stay productive.

According to an article published by Forbes, Jennifer Kem, a brand futurist and business strategist, says that people should stay connected to friends and family as much as they can since most humans rely on socialization. Kem also recommends serving your community and getting creative.

Jim Kwik, a brain performance and accelerated learning expert also added that mental health and emotional health should be a priority to people. Ways to do this are by creating a structure that our brains can follow and practicing self-care in a healthy way to de-stress.

With all of Shippensburg University’s students at home, SUTV decided to reach out see what students have been doing while at home.

Some students have been serving their community by making masks for others to help make sure everyone is safe and protecting others from catching the COVID-19.

Other students have become creative and decided to change up their appearance by trying out a new hairstyle or dying their hair.

Finally, some other students have decided to also be creative by taking up new hobbies that they were interested in but did not have the time to take up such as learning a new instrument or starting to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

SUTV encourages students to get motivated by some of these examples to be able to make their quarantine life a little bit better at home.

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