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You Need Help This Valentine's Day?


By: Brianna Webb

SHIPPENSBURG - The perfect and most compassionate gift to give on Valentine's Day is spending time with the one who matters the most. So start off with a cozy breakfast in bed and later on cuddle up in a blanket fort for a romantic movie night! Gather up your favorite snacks, foods, and binge watch your favorite shows. But if you are willing to spend a little cash this weekend we have a few ideas listed for you.

Most stores have amazing selections dedicated for valentines day. You can create a small gift basket with a bouquet of six to 12 chocolate roses for a dollar each.

Little boxes of four piece chocolates are around one dollar or you can go bigger with a little teddy bear and chocolates for five dollars.

But if chocolates are not for your boo, scented peel off face masks can range around three dollars each and lotions and creams for about five dollars each.

Of course there are cards and letters that one can write beautiful memos onto but how about adding a little more thought and love into it! Get an assorted color packs of sticky notes from a dollar store. Write cute little messages on them then post them around for a fun scavenger hunt or you can make a sticky note collage and frame it. This says “I love you” more than a store bought card that just bluntly says... “Happy Valentines Day...I love you”.

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