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Yuengling and Hershey’s to Make a Chocolate Porter

10/3/2019 By Brandon Kyc- Two of Pennsylvania’s most iconic brands are coming together to make something sweet.

That something is Yuengling Hershey’s chocolate porter; which is a mix between Hershey’s chocolate and Yuengling’s 200-year-old dark brewed porter.

The porter is said to have a rich caramel flavor that pairs well with the chocolate, and is best to be served with hearty meals, sweet desserts, or salty cheeses. Currently no-one is selling the brew, but by mid-October it will be distributed to the public and will run all the way to early February.

One big downside is that it only will be available in select bars and restaurants scattered around Pennsylvania, and twelve other states.

This isn’t the first time that a chocolate beer has been created; but it is historic that these two brands put their products together to match in such a harmonic way.

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