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CDC Announces Updated Guidelines for All Vaccinated Individuals as well as Those still Waiting

By: Adam Beam 3/12/21

Photo Courtesy: CNN

As we now approach one year since the country shut down due to the spread of COVID-19, things are beginning to look hopeful as vaccines continue to rollout nationwide and more and more people are receiving their shots daily.

While we still have no clear endgame insight yet, and normalcy still has a long way to go, the CDC has now updated their COVID guidelines to accommodate those who have already received their vaccines.

With the new guidelines, it gives a set of activities that individuals who are completely vaccinated can now partake in with other vaccinated individuals and even those who are not. The guidelines allow those who are vaccinated to gather indoors with others who are also vaccinated without having to wear a mask or be six feet apart.

When meeting with those who are not vaccinated in their household, you won’t have to wear a mask or stay 6 feet apart as long as everyone in the household is at low risk for severe disease. Individuals are also able to avoid quarantine and testing if they do not have symptoms, even after being in contact with those who have tested positive. The CDC also outlines that a person is only considered completely vaccinated following two weeks after receiving their final dose.

While these new guidelines do allow vaccinated individuals to enjoy some activities like normal, the CDC still strongly encourages that when in public to continue following the guidelines already set in place. Wear a mask, social distance at least 6 feet apart, avoid large crowds and gatherings, and if experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, still plan on getting tested.

Remember to continue checking your state and local areas guidelines on when you are eligible to get the COVID vaccine, and continue to follow all safety guidelines until told otherwise.

As of right now the over 120,000,000 doses have been distributed, and the US nears 100,000,000 vaccines administered.

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