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CVS Pharmacy Expands Vaccine Rollout to PA

By: Megan Talley 2/25/21

Photo Courtesy: USA Today

In good news on the slow COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Pennsylvania, CVS Pharmacy is receiving a new supply through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program.

The pharmacy giant says 570,000 doses will be available in 17 states starting now, including locations in the mid state. When the initial supply was supplied, CVS was only given 250,000 doses in only 11 states.

Locally, CVS Pharmacy offers COVID-19 vaccines at their Chambersburg, York, and Enola locations. Elsewhere in the state, there is access in Reading, New Kensington, and West Chester.

While appointments are booked for the current phase, CVS is excited to make the vaccine more accessible when more supply becomes available.

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