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Danny Masterson found guilty on two counts of rape

Adam Beam SUTV News

Danny Masterson, the actor best known for his role on the sitcom "That '70s Show" has been convicted on two counts of rape during a retrial on charges filed in 2021.

Allegations against the actor began to surface in 2017 during the heat of the #MeToo movement. Many of the allegations came from women who had met Masterson in the Church of Scientology. The women were identified as Chrissy B., Jen B., and N. Trout in court. However, Masterson was only convicted for assault Jen B. and N. Trout. The jury could not reach a verdict in the case of Chrissy B.

Chrissy B. told the Associated Press after the verdict, “While I’m encouraged that Danny Masterson will face some criminal punishment, I am devastated that he has dodged criminal accountability for his heinous conduct against me.”

During the trial the women revealed they wanted to come forward against Masterson for years, however they were constantly discouraged from doing so by church officials. The Church of Scientology went on record multiple times denying that they told members not to cooperate with law enforcement, however at Masterson's preliminary hearing in 2021, it had intervened with the women coming forward.

All three women described that Masterson had taken advantage of them after serving drinks which caused them to become disoriented. One of the women were raped while unconscious, while the other two were violently raped by Masterson, one of them held at gunpoint during it.

Masterson has had many small parts in films and television, but his most notable role came in 1998 when he was casted as Hyde in "That '70s Show". The show ran for eight seasons and ended in 2006. Masterson would get another starring role with the popular Netflix comedy "The Ranch" as Rooster Bennett. He starred alongside Sam Elliot and former "'70s Show" co-star Ashton Kutcher. Following the allegations going public, Masterson was fired from the series by Netflix and written out of the show. The series ran for one more season after his departure.

Masterson did not testify during the trial nor did the defense call any witnesses to the stands. Masterson denied any wrong doing throughout the past six years. No sentencing date has been released at this time.

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