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Decision 2020: PA Races

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Last Updated: 11/09/2020 at 2:42 p.m.

By: Megan Talley, Public Relations/Web Director

Here are a list of races and current results from the state and local elections. Any winners are bolded and colored in red. All results are from

Pennsylvania Attorney General - 98% Reporting

Josh Shapiro (D): 50.7%

Heather Heidelbaugh (R): 46.5%

Daniel Wassmer (L): 1.8%

Richard Weiss (G): 1.0%

Pennsylvania Auditor General - 98% Reporting

Timothy Defoor (R): 49.7%

Nina Ahmed (D): 46.1%

Jennifer Moore (L): 3.0%

Olivia Faison (G): 1.2%

Defoor is the first person of color to win a statewide election in PA history.

Pennsylvania Treasurer - 98% Reporting

Stacy Garrity (R): 48.9%

Joe Torsella (D): 47.7%

Joseph Soloski (L): 2.2%

Timothy Runkle (G): 1.2%

United States House of Representatives in the 13th District

John Joyce (R): 78.28%

Raymond Rowley (D): 21.72%

Pennsylvania Senate in the 33rd District - 99% Reporting

Doug Mastriano (R): 68.7%

Richard Sterner (D): 31.3%

Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 86th District

Perry Stambaugh (R): 100.00%

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