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Governor Shuts Down All PA Schools For Rest Of The Year

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By: Megan Talley

After weeks of suspicion, Governor Wolf announces today that all Pennsylvania schools, K-12, will remain shutdown for the rest of the school year. The Governor says this was in correspondence with Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine, and Secretary of Education, Pedro Rivera. This comes after multiple extensions, one through March 30th and one through April 15th.

When talking with local teachers, they explained that: “[We’ve] been prepared for this and remote learning since they were first shut down. It was only a matter of time.”

They also told SUTV News that some of their main concerns were for their students in terms of technology access and their well-being. In response to the pandemic, many PA school districts have been handing out laptops and iPads to students to do their remote learning and prepare for schools to be closed for good.

As of today, the fate of PA 2020 Graduation Ceremonies is unknown. But the teachers say, “[We] wouldn’t be surprised if school districts postpone or do virtual ceremonies, like what the colleges and universities are doing.”

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