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Hagerstown welcomes new baseball franchise

Jeremy Perna 12/3/2023

HAGERSTOWN– After three long years since the folding of the Hagerstown Suns minor league team, the Hub City will finally bring back professional baseball to their beloved fans. The “Hagerstown Flying Boxcars” will take flight on their inaugural season in 2024, representing the independent Atlantic League. With the new team comes a brand-new state-of-the-art baseball stadium and a complete game schedule.

The team name and logo tribute Hagerstown's rich aviation production history, including the C-119 wartime aircraft, also known as the “flying boxcar.” The flying boxcar was manufactured in Hagerstown from the mid-40s to the 50s by the Fairchild company. The new logo displays the C-119 with a baseball player sitting on top of it holding a bat.

Flying Boxcars General Manager, David Blenckstone says he is excited about what this new baseball venture will bring to Hagerstown.

“We’re excited about the baseball aspect, but we’re also excited about the spin-off and the impact it’ll have on downtown businesses and in the community,” Blenckstone said.

The new ballpark will feature a 360-degree concourse section, allowing fans to walk across the entirety of the stadium’s perimeter. The concourse will feature picnic areas as well as lots of food and beverage stands.

A manager has yet to be named for the Flying Boxcars as the home opener is scheduled to start May 5 against the Long Island Ducks. Tickets can be purchased on the team’s website.

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