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Los Angeles Skyscraper Required to Remove Graffiti

Updated: Feb 14

By: Carson Devitt 2/12/2024

(Photo taken during construction)

A skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles has been covered in graffiti and now the city is demanding the owner clean it up.

The unfinished skyscraper, Oceanwide Plaza, has become an eyesore due to the vandals who decided to graffiti the outside of the building. Several sides and floors have been tagged by this graffiti.

Reportedly, the Oceanwide Plaza has been up for sale for over a year after the Chinese developers went bankrupt and were unable to finish the building.

The city council passed a resolution on Friday stating that the owners have until Feb. 17 to begin the cleanup process.

City councilman Kevin De Leon said if they don’t do it, they will and will stick them with the bill. Another proposition was to purchase the building and complete construction. However, Leon said that would cost upwards of $1 billion.

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