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Middletown man charged after father is found beheaded in family home

By: Adam Beam 1/31/2024

A Pennsylvania man, Justin Mohn, 32, is facing multiple charges, including abuse of a corpse, after police found the decapitated body of his unidentified father in his home on Tuesday.

Mohn has been charged with murder and accused of beheading his father, subsequently posting the gruesome video on YouTube. The video amassed 5,000 views before being removed.

The victim's wife discovered the body and promptly contacted the police around 7 p.m. Mohn is suspected to have fled the scene using his father's vehicle, as reported by Middletown Township Police Chief Bartorilla. Police Captain Pete Feeney commented to ABC 6 WPVI, "As far as the crime itself, it's not something we typically see here."

The investigation into Mohn's motives is ongoing. In the video, he made various claims, including being a militia leader and issuing threats to multiple federal agencies, along with President Joe Biden.

Mohn was apprehended at Fort Indiantown Gap in Lebanon County after police tracked his cellphone. He was arraigned early Wednesday morning and will be held without bond. Later in the day, he is expected to be transferred to Bucks County Jail.

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