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New Ensemble Starts Up On Campus

Photo Courtesy: Megan Talley, Shippensburg University Marching Band (Facebook)

By: Matthew Zemba


SHIPPENSBURG - The Shippensburg Music Department is expanding for percussionists on campus.

The Shippensburg University Percussion Ensemble is a newly formed group that centers around percussive instruments. Under the assistant director of bands Aaron Trumbore, the percussion ensemble is open to both percussion students and non-percussive students. Trumbore hopes to give students the opportunity to explore music outside of the traditional concert setting.

By being different than the typical marching or concert band, Trumbore is looking to expand students’ musical abilities and skills. “I hope that we can continue to just improve our musicianship,” Trumbore mentioned in an interview, “And also for the music students here to have the opportunity to know that there is more music out there to play than just what you might be exposed to with marching band.”

Like many other ensembles on campus, the percussion ensemble is open to students from any skill level. Students can contact the Department of Music and Theatre Arts if they are interested in the variety of ensembles offered on campus.

Members of the percussion ensemble will showcase their talents with a concert on Tuesday, April 14th starting at 8 pm. Admission is free to all who wish to come.

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